New Trigger Cover Art

Available Now I’m also working on some edits and formatting issue so bear with me. Audiobook should be available soon. This sequel unfortunately hasn’t done that great for me but it’s still a part of my journey as an author and something I want to keep around. It was a pleasure to write and I […]

The Astral Bow

Thank you for supporting indie comics and graphic novels on Patreon! I’m blown away by your support and belief in this project! It means a great deal to me, so thank you so much! The Kickstarter may not have worked out but we are not done yet. Edel is an amazing, strong female character that […]

A Guiding Thread

A Guiding Thread: One year ago I started talking to a friend about collaborating on a fantasy novel. He is a talented filmmaker and had written several amazing scripts but there was one in particular I fell in love with. Over the next two months I adapted his 90 page script into a 300 page […]

LitRPG Reads: Enter the Game

Last year I had the honor of working on the logo for this game and editing a few images. It’s currently in early access and is a ton of fun especially for readers of LitRPG/GameLit who will discover a ton of cool Easter eggs including Star Divers. The game is made in Unreal Engine and […]

Star Divers Audiobook is out!

Star Divers Audiobook is out now through TANTOR AUDIO! Random picture of Deftones to celebrate! STAR DIVERS DUNGEONS OF BANE Face the challenge. Survive. A REMNANT OF MANKIND. You are one of humanity’s last hope. The galaxy is in ruins. Only a remnant of mankind remains, hunted to near extinction by creatures from another world. […]

The Astral Bow Kickstarter

Meet Edel Harris, aka Estrella the Assassin and other avatars. Her job (which she loves): private detective for investigations in virtual worlds. The two biggest online environments in the near future are those of Epic, a fantasy MMORPG and Star Divers, a space opera MMORPG. To do her job well, Edel has to be one […]

Resolute pt.2

Celebrating the end of the decade at home with family, prime rib, IPA, and movie night. 2019 was an amazing year: Favorite Game – Death Stranding Favorite Movie – Knives Out Favorite TV series – The Mandalorian Favorite Book – Borne (released in 2017 but didn’t read until this year) I released 2 Novels including […]