EGRIS and the Silence of the Storm

My super secret fantasy project isn’t a secret anymore! **EXCITING NEWS** Pre-orders will be available soon for Arianna and the Spirit of the Storm! In the meantime, we have decided to release a short story to help get you excited about the characters and the world, and it’s available now on Amazon. ‘Arianna’ tells the […]

Star Divers – Art Drop

While working on Star Divers I worked with several artists to bring some of the characters to life. I’m really happy and blessed to share this concept art with you! Much of this is still in development for an animated series or film. Key Character Art: Ibanez Starship Dropship Alien Creatures: Hollow Arachnid Wraith Fight. […]

Star Divers – OUT NOW!

Dive Deep. Survive. A REMNANT OF MANKIND. You are one of humanity’s last hope. The galaxy is in ruins. Only a remnant of mankind remains, hunted to near extinction by creatures from another world. Most of humanity live like rats in the rubble of devastated cities spread out across the stars. A few survivors with […]

Star Divers – Burst and Bloom, A LitRPG Short Story

Last December I shared Star Divers Winter Festival with you. Now with the full length novel dropping August 9 (Pre-Order available now) I am sharing another short prequel, Burst and Bloom. Enjoy! “Access” Checking for necessary update files… Initializing… Player environment meets necessary requirements. Retina scan / Identity confirmed. Dive 100% Loading player data… Name: […]

Happy Moon Day

50 years ago Neil Armstrong became the first human to step onto the surface of the Moon, at 02:56 UTC on 21 July 1969. An estimated 500 million people worldwide watched this event, the largest television audience for a live broadcast at that time. Now, people can experience virtual worlds and beyond because of the amazing advances […]

Star Divers Update!

Fantastic news! All four Level Up Publishing launch titles have been picked up by Tantor Media for Audio! All four titles are planning to launch around Mid-August. A new short story called ‘Burst and Bloom’ and official website dedicated to Star Divers coming soon. Create. Inspire. Evolve. Cheers, Stephen #amwriting #litrpg #scifi

The Earth Experience

An absolutely epic weekend doing research and exploring at the Earth Experience, a museum in my hometown. It was so cool being up close and personal with this amazing beast. 1 of only 5 casts ever made – a replica of the T-Rex on display at Fort Peck. This magnificent beast lived to be 38 […]