Sleepers – Out Now!

Out now! This is my #nanowrimo #scifinovel from last year.

X-men meets Starship Troopers.

Part “romance” part action adventure but mostly surreal science fiction horror. Jake and Michael have their lives turned upside down when 2/3 of the world’s population fall into a coma. Jake, the fiance, and Michael, the brother vow to keep Vee safe as she lays sleeping. Over the next year, some of the sleepers begin to wake up into “that Z word” and the world starts to turn into a post-apocalyptic mess. It gets even weirder when Jake and Michael start developing superpowers and extraterrestrial daemons lay siege to Earth. From post-apocalyptic Chicago to other realms in outer space.

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My new weird

Working through the sequel to Pull and the second book in my Deep Darkness series titled Trigger.

Here is the cover reveal.


Trigger, the second book in the Deep Darkness Trilogy, picks up 2 years after the events of Pull. Sev is now a soldier working for the alien union known as the Aggregate. When a new threat emerges from a place outside ‘real’ space called the immer humans are forced to make a truce with the Skrav, the aliens that have hunted humanity for over 300 years to face an even deadlier enemy. Trigger expands on ideas and concepts from Pull as well as taking Sev on a journey to rescue the ones that he cares most about. A journey that will see him fighting unimaginable creatures, traversing virtual realities, parallel worlds, ancient alien structures and working to save both our world and another from terror. The events in Trigger will change everything. Trigger combines elements from both Science Fiction and Fantasy as the human race continues to fight for survival.

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Also in my que is a short novel titled Sleepers available now on kindle scout! Check it out and help be a part of my journey to getting it out there! All you have to do is login via Amazon and hit the nominate button. Thank you.

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Last but not least I’m going to be participating in NaNoWriMo this year with a LiTRPG novel. I’m hyped to start working on it and have been brainstorming a few different ideas. It’s a genre I have been reading / researching for some time now.

I look forward to kicking it into high gear the rest of the year and releasing more work for you guys! Thank you for all of the support.

– Stephen

Save Sci-fi is now SSF

Sci-fi is saved!

Six years ago I joined an advocacy group who wanted to support and save science fiction television programs such as SGU (which is now being continued as a comic). In that six years sci-fi has gone from a genre on the brink of death to mainstream. Maybe it’s just the circle of life, maybe it’s a new renaissance but now more then ever sci-fi is excelling as a genre.

This past year Save Sci-Fi launched our first anthology An Atlas to Time, Space, and Bonfires with 21 different authors and 4 different artists contributing. We have done several cons and book signings with a few more on the way towards the end of the year. With so much growth that which was Save Sci-Fi can be no more. Sci-fi is saved our work is done. The time has come to rebrand. Save Sci-Fi is now SSF, supporting science fiction. Expect lots of new fiction in various mediums including our next anthology Beyond the Horizon and a new universe we are working hard to develop codenamed Broadside. We have a lot for you to look forward to the end of this year and next year as we phase out of Save Sci-fi and embrace SSF going forward.

– Stephen

Nova – Cover Reveal

Cover reveal for my short story Nova that will be a part of Brave New Girls 2. Art by Chris Godsoe. 

‘Fourteen-year-old Elexa loves playing in the virtual world Nova, a game where players explore a dangerous planet called Amos capturing dungeons and fighting against alien monsters. As her team barely escapes dungeon seven, something goes wrong. A glitch? No, something more. As her best friend and crush Lem disappears Elexa discovers that Nova is about to become all too real.’

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Thank you

– Stephen Landry