New Release – Game On! A GameLit Anthology

What happens when gaming is your life? Explore the fast-paced world of GameLit in these ten stories by bestselling, award-winning authors. Gain levels! Win fat loot! And hang on as these tales take you everywhere from a grim dystopian world to a fantasy landscape where nothing is quite as it seems… Available Here – NYT bestselling […]

Pull Audiobook Available Now

My audiobook for my sci-fi survival novel Pull dropped this week! Richard Rose did an amazing job doing the voices for the many different characters and Sev’s narration throughout the novel. “Rotting starships, hostile alien creatures, exotic worlds, psychotic military leaders, and the end of the world.” Pull is the first book in a sci-fi […]

Apocalyptic 2077

I am an associate producer on this movie coming out soon! Apocalyptic 2077 Apocalyptic 2077 is a feature film based on a short film called We Final Few. Set very much in the post apocalyptic world shared by films such as Mad Max, Book of Eli and Escape from New York. Apocalyptic 2047 has bad […]

Coming soon to VHS

Coming to VHS! When a group of college kids get stranded on the road in the middle of the nowhere they accidentally awaken the beast that goes bump in the night. From the team that brought you ‘the silent place’ if they can smell you they can eat you! Warning DO NOT WATCH with SMELL […]


Beachworld is a short film adaptation of a Stephen King short story by the same name as part of his Dollar Baby program. Lieutenant Shapiro’s ship is destroyed in a crash on a deserted desert planet covered in sand dunes.  As she begins to understand the severity of her situation, she sets out to discover other […]